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Mariann Kolev Has Flown Her First Solo!

Mariann Kolev Touching Down on the Runway for the First Time on Her Very Own!

A massive congratulations from everyone here at Manchester Flight Training to Mariann Kolev who flew her first solo flight in a Cessna 152 training aircraft today at City Airport Manchester. Mariann has always shown true dedication to obtaining her PPL(A) and today marks the first milestone towards achieving her goal and earning a private pilots licence (PPL(A)).

Congratulations to Graham Brown on his recent achievements

A belated congratulations to Graham Brown from all the team and flying instructors here at Manchester Flight Training who has recently flown his cross country qualyfyer (QXC) in a Cessna 152 (G-GFIB) and passed the remainder of his written exams in preparation to achieving his Private Pilots Licence (PPL(A)). Here you can see him pictured with his signature sheet taken on the day with the all important signatures from the tower personnel at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport and Blackpool Airport.

Congratulations to Subir Gupta on Achieving His LAPL

Congratulations to Subir Gupta on achieving his LAPL from all of us at Manchester Flight Training and we wish him all the best with his future flying career.

Congratulations to Nicholas Moore on his first solo!

Congratulations to Nicholas Moore who flew his first solo flight in a Cessna 152 with Manchester Flight Training at City Airport Manchester..... Well done Nick from all at MFT


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