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The Flight Instructor Training Course

The Flight Instructor Course is one of the most demanding but enjoyable courses you will undertake during your flying career. You will learn how to teach all of the lessons which make up the PPL syllabus.

The FI(R) course utilises Manchester Flight Training's fleet of well-equipped PA28 and Cessna 152 aircraft. We have dedicated briefing rooms with all the necessary modern training aids so that ground school for each course can be taught in the most effective way.

Before starting the FI(R) course a pre-entry test must be passed to assess the ability of the applicant to undertake the course.

Flight Instructor (Restricted) Rating Course Requirements

The FI(R) course requires the applicant to have either a CPL, or a PPL with greater than 200 hours total time, 150 hours as pilot in command and passes in either the CPL or ATPL theory examinations. In addition to this, the pilot must have at least 30 hours on the class of aircraft on which the course is to be taken, and of these, five must be within the preceding six months.

The Flight Instructor Course Details

The course comprises of 30 hours of flight instruction with an approved FIC instructor.  5 of the 30 hours may be flown as mutual time with another F.I. student, whereby two candidates practice their instructor patter by teaching each other specific air exercises. There is also 125 hours of groundschool. Upon completion of the course, a test must be taken with an approved Flight Instructor Examiner.

The supervisory restriction can be lifted once the instructor has completed at least 100 hours of flight instruction and has authorised 25 student solo flights.

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