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Learn to Fly with Manchester Flight Training's Flying School

Manchester Flight Training – City Airport Manchester’s ONLY European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Fully Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and Flying School.

Picking the right school for your flying training might not be an easy task but at Manchester Flight Training we offer the best quality aircraft offering the latest "new generation" avionics, with friendly professional flying instructors and a whole host of other excellent facilities. Manchester Flight Training have by far the best environment to enjoy your flight training in, from the excellent briefing rooms to free tea and coffee for all our students and there families. The ethos of Manchester Flight Training is to be professional at all times but to enjoy your flight training. We even have our own toilet...

From your first trial lesson upwards, Manchester Flight Training have the answers

Your first steps to learning to fly should be exciting and fun, we will give you the best experience possible. Here at Manchester Flight Training, we pride ourselves on having the best instructors who will give you your first impressions of flying light aircraft and show you the joys which have been experienced by many over the years. Anyone can learn to fly so why not come and have a trial lesson with us and experience the enjoyment of flight.

Fly in comfort and luxury in our superbly equipped aircraft

At Manchester Flight Training, we operate clean, well equipped aircraft with modern technology. We have very high standards of quality at extremely competitive prices.

Learning to fly can be both fun and challenging all at the same time

If you are new to the flying world it can all seem very daunting at first but it really doesn’t have to be. Learning to fly is about acquiring a new and exciting skill which is enjoyed by many people. Within our freindly flight school, pilots old and new, love to get together and discuss their stories and in our modern facilities you can enjoy the company of your new friends and our staff who will be pleased to welcome you.

We offer all levels of training to help you through your entire aviation career

So whether you’re looking to pursue a career as a commercial pilot, flying instructor or just want to gain the experience of flying, Manchester Flight Training has all the knowledge, expertise and advice you could possibly need. Have a look around our website or come and have a brew with us, get to know us, then when you feel ready, give us a call and we will be more than willing to discuss your options and get you flying as quickly as possible. You will soon realise we are second to none.